Google to Open Public Records

    May 4, 2007

Google is rallying an effort that would make public records more readily available to Internet users by providing free consulting and software. The long-term goal of Google is to see federal agencies incorporate these same tools in this attempt to open public records.

Arizona, California, Utah, and Virginia have already joined forces with Google to eliminate technical barriers that had put a stop to search engines getting tens of thousands of public records about education, real estate, health care, and the environment.

As a result of the September 11th terrorist’s attacks on the United States, most public agencies have put a large restriction on data from the Internet due to national security issues.

Opponents of opening the public records argue that this move could result in an unintentional breach of privacy. They also believe there is a possibility that social security numbers could be accessed in searches.

Despite the criticism of the opponents, advocates of the move award Google with winning a battle for the American public. They believe American citizens have a right to access public records.

Director of the, Patrice McDermott spoke with WebProNews over the phone about why Google should be praised for initiating this effort. Get all the details from the advocate