Google To Offer AdWords Phone Bill?

    July 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google may provide "phone bill-like" documents for its AdWords customers, in some way itemizing clicks for advertisers to make it easier for them to gauge the level of click fraud present on their accounts.

The news comes from Search Engine Watch, where the words of Google Business Poduct Manager for Trust and Safety, Shuman Ghosemajumder, were relayed from a Click Quality Council Steering Committee.

He assured attendees that Google was "striving to have the most powerful system possible" for detecting and eliminating click fraud.

The possibility that Google would provide such information to advertisers is a positive development for AdWords clients.

At various conferences around the country, advertisers and Google representatives have gotten into heated debates about the topic, specifically about Google’s apparent unwillingness to provide its clients with the data they need to make disputes.