Google to Lose Gmail – Yahoo Sells Domains – Ask Goes Famous

    August 19, 2004

Google May Lose Gmail

It seems that Google may have to re-think the name behind their upcoming email service, as they are fourth in line at the US Patent and Trademark Office. The office takes applications on a first come first serve basis, and as a result Google may be forced to come up with a new name.

Google registered their application on April 07, but between March 30 and the 7th, 3 other companies also filled for the Gmail Trademark.

The three applications in line in front of Google include Florida based company Cencourse, California based Precision Research, and Independent International Investment Research in London.

Yahoo Selling Domain Names

On Tuesday Aug 17, Yahoo has added the sale of domain names to its ever-increasing list of products and services. Yahoo, which already provides hosting, design and business email packages, has added its $9.95 per year domain registration to compete against other major providers.

It only makes sense that Yahoo would add Domain Sales to its list of services, after all according to Rich Riley, general manager and VP of small business services for Yahoo, more then 50,000 domain names are registered daily.

Ask Jeeves Offers Famous Persons Search

Ask Jeeves has unveiled a new Famous Persons Search. Now when you search for a celebrity name, along with the traditional results pages, a brief bio and image of the individual appear at the top of the listings.

When most users perform a search for a famous individual they are in search of images, bios and other aspects of the celebrity, and Ask provides this information front and center.

Jeeves’ list of famous people includes film starts, musicians, politicians, sports starts and other important people in history.

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