Google To Host Event With Sundar Pichai On July 24


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Sundar Pichai is wearing a lot of hats these days. He's no longer just the head of the Chrome team, but the Android team as well. That's why any event with him leaves us guessing as to what he'll talk about.

Google announced today that it will be hosting a press event/breakfast on July 24. The invitation, courtesy of JR Raphael, specifically mentions Pichai so people are already speculating whether or not Google will have something Android related to show.

Google Event Sundar PIchai Android Chrome

So, what are the chances that we'll see something from the Android team? I'd say they're pretty high based upon previous reports and rumors. It's been rumored that we'll see both Android 4.3 and the new Nexus 7 in July. We haven't heard anything on either yet so it wouldn't be too surprising if Pichai unveiled a Nexus 7 running Android 4.3 at the event.

While an Android announcement is more likely, we can't discount the idea that Pichai might have some Chrome related announcements for us as well. There's not as many rumors to go on, but there were earlier reports that Google was working on a Chromebook that runs Android instead of Chrome OS. The report specifically stated that Pichai was behind the initiative so he could be using the event to announce Google's latest stab at the notebook market.

Either way, Pichai is going to announce something. I'm pretty sure Google isn't hosting the event just so Pichai can have a chat with the press over biscuits and coffee.

[h/t: Engadget]