Google To Grow In Boston, Chicago

    May 31, 2007

Most Google-related products, services, and announcements come out of Mountain View, but Googlers in Boston and Chicago are now grabbing some headlines of their own; the company’s locations in both cities are primed for some serious growth.

The Boston location is, to be more accurate, in the Greater Boston area.  To be perfectly accurate, it’s in Cambridge.  The Boston Globe’s Robert Weisman gives an brief history of the setup:

“The company, which had just two engineers and a handful of advertising sales people in Boston at the end of 2005, dramatically expanded its operations here in February . . . .  For its new staff of 50, Google leased the seventh floor of the One Broadway office building.”

Then comes the big news: “the Googlers on the Charles, like their colleagues at the Googleplex campus in Mountain View, Calif., are in growth mode, planning to double again by year’s end.”  From a geographic standpoint, that would kind of make sense – balancing out the heavy concentration of Googlers on the West Coast.

(Granted, an Internet company doesn’t need to worry much about geography, but it never hurts to take these things into consideration.)

The Chicago office could further even things out.  And in this case, Google spoke for itself about the need for expansion.  “Well, now we’re decking out the office with binary clocks and caffeinated soap because Google is hiring engineers here,” writes Brian Fitzpatrick on the Official Google Blog.

Free food, dogs at work . . . we all know the perks.  If you live near Boston or Chicago, you might consider dusting off that resume.