Google To BellSouth: Nuts!

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The search advertising company is not talking to telecom companies about paying them extra for bandwidth, and has no intention of paying for tiering their traffic.

“On December 22, 1944, German officers under the flag of truce delivered a message from General der Panzertruppe von Luttwitz Commander of XLVII Panzerhops, demanding the surrender of Bastogne. After receiving the message Brigadier General Mcauliffe exclaimed “Aw, nuts” which was his official reply to the request for surrender. This message was delivered by Joseph Harper to the Germans. He told the Germans it meant they could all go to Hell.”
-- the US 101st Airborne holding Bastogne declined to accept the Germans' offer.

In no uncertain terms, Google spokesperson Barry Schnitt told Networking Pipeline that Google isn’t giving a vig to BellSouth or Verizon for prioritizing traffic:

“Google is not discussing sharing of the costs of broadband networks with any carrier. We believe consumers are already paying to support broadband access to the Internet through subscription fees and, as a result, consumers should have the freedom to use this connection without limitations.”

That’s exactly the point others have made, particularly Om Malik on his blog:

The argument is that the phone companies are going to charge for better performance for say games, or movie downloads or software downloads. It is not a bad thought, though only in cases where latency is a big issue. The argument of better network performance, as many in the business would tell you, is a bit of chimera.

Even if you buy into the argument, as a consumer, what I would like to see is that if incumbents charge for the network access, then they pass on those savings to consumers. After all we are paying for the network – about $40 a month.

It sounds like Google CEO Eric Schmidt has called the Germans telecom companies’ bluff. I have to admit I didn’t think Google would cut off BellSouth, but it looks like the tough guys in the Googleplex are ready to go to the mattresses rather than let Bill Smith or Ed Whitacre or Ivan Seidenberg push them around. Good for Google.

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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.

Google To BellSouth: Nuts!
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