Google To Be Number One In 2007

    November 20, 2006

Citigroup analyst Mark Mahaney says that, based on Comscore Data, Google will be the number one trafficked website by late next year. Comscore’s top 4 currently (September numbers) stand at:

    1. Yahoo – 130 million unique visitors
    2. Time Warner – 120 million
    3. Microsoft – 118 million
    4. Google – 110 million

The reason Google will soon top the list? 22% growth from the previous year. Of course, this does not appear to take into account the fact that Google now has YouTube, itself a top ten website, and that is showing surprisingly strong growth lately. According to Alexa, Google now has three top ten sites, besting any other competitor.

These graphs show vs. yahoo,, and, and the second replaces with

Now, Alexa numbers are as accurate as prewar assessments of Iraq, but they do give you the idea: Google has three winners in their stable, that combined top Microsoft’s two big sites (MSN and Live), as well as Yahoo’s #1. I’d like to see the Comscore numbers adding YouTube to Google.
(via Seeking Alpha > Found on Findory)

UPDATE: A VC has some great Comscore numbers and charts. It’s very interesting how different the US and worldwide numbers are. It looks like properties get popular in the US, then, if they last, they eventually get popular worldwide and have huge staying power after that point. As a result, while the US top ten has some recent additions, the international is topped by the big three, followed by a major gap, and then way down, some old guard (Time Warner, Amazon, eBay) and some sites that have just been around a while (Apple, Adobe, Lycos), plus Wikipedia.



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