Google Testing Simplified AdWords Pricing

    August 17, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Quality counts the most when composing an ad, as one AdWords user found when logging into the ad system today.

A post on WebmasterWorld from an AdWords user discussed a new message from Google as displayed in the management control panel:

We’ve simplified our keyword status system. Your keywords will now either be active (triggering ads) or inactive (not triggering ads). Quality remains the most important factor in your keywords’ performance. Each keyword will now have a minimum bid that is based on the quality of your keyword and ad text. If your maximum CPC doesn’t meet this minimum bid, your keyword will be listed as inactive.

What you should do differently:
If a keyword is listed as inactive, improve its quality through optimization, delete it, or raise that keyword’s maximum CPC to the minimum bid indicated. (Raising the bid will re-activate the keyword.) If your keyword is active, you don’t need to do anything.

Google’s AdWords blog discussed the simplified keyword system and acknowledged the changes to using active or inactive states only. Quality Score still determines the minimum bid for keywords, according to the post.

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