Google Testing PayPal Killer GBuy

    February 6, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Several retailers have been quietly testing a Google payment system called GBuy, and users will see a GBuy icon next to AdWords paid search ads. PayPal has dominated the online payment field for some time. It has been a profitable business, one which eBay purchased in October 2002.

Google Testing PayPal Killer GBuy
Google Sets Their Sites Towards PayPal

PayPal delivered nearly a quarter of eBay’s most recent quarterly revenue of $1.3 billion, the Wall Street Journal said in a report today.

That PayPal revenue may look like a big jar of chocolate chips to the Cookie Monsters at Google. Their rival system, called GBuy, has been getting a workout since the early part of 2005. The Journal cited a source briefed on the service:

For the last nine months, Google has recruited online retailers to test GBuy, according to one person briefed on the service. GBuy will feature an icon posted alongside the paid-search ads of merchants, which Google hopes will tempt consumers to click on the ads, says this person. GBuy will also let consumers store their credit-card information on Google.

Storing payment information has been an ease-of-use feature and strength of PayPal. Google has enough brand recognition to get a lot of attention. The Journal’s report seems to suggest the way Google will get users on board will be through its GBuy retailers. But will eBay accept GBuy as a payment method? Probably, as long as eBay gets its cuts of a sale as is customary.

The domain returns a “page not found” error when tested, so whatever Google has on tap isn’t readily available yet. The domain has been registered to the Burbank, CA, firm Trout & Zimmer. SearchEngineWatch noted in September 2005 how the domain was transferred from Trout & Zimmer to Data Docket Inc, a firm well known for registering domain names with Google as part of the name.

Google, as per usual, had no comment on any pending products, the Journal said.

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