Google Talking Bounce Rate Again

Tips on Reducing Yours

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Avinash KaushikGoogle Analytics Evangelist Avinash Kaushik has passed out some tips on improving bounce rates. For those still a little hazy on the concept of bounce rates, he explains it simply:

1) It is really hard to misunderstand. It measures the number of people who landed on your site and refused to give you even one single click!

2) It is available in most web analytics tools, including our own Google Analytics.

It is quick and easy to use. Bounce rate will help you understand where and how to make changes on your website in under an hour.

A while back, Kaushik answered some questions from our own Mike McDonald about Google and Bounce rates. He also spoke with him on the subject at a past Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose:

Kaushik offers one piece of wisdom in particular that really hits the nail on the head. "Remember, you don’t decide the homepage of your website," he says. "When people search, the engine finds the most relevant page on your site and that’s the homepage. If you have 50,000 pages on your website, you have 50,000 homepages." [emphasis added]

That’s why you need to analyze this data using a web analytics service of some kind. You’ve got to find out the places that are driving the most visitors to your site. This can be done easily in Google Analytics by going to "Traffic Sources" and "Referring Sites."

Google Analytics - Referring Sites

"In about fifteen seconds you know which sites are your ‘best friends forever’ (BFFs), and where you need to look a tad deeper," says Kaushik. "By identifying the sites that are sending you visitors with high bounce rates, you can investigate the reasons why (the campaigns, the context in which your link is placed, the ads) and make changes to ensure that visitors find what they are looking for when they come to your site."

He offers a second tip, and that is to go to "Content" and "Landing Pages." This is where you will find the bounce rates for all of your "homepages."

There is still debate as to whether or not bounce rate has any effect on your actual search engine rankings, but in the long run, does that really matter? You should be working to reduce your bounces regardless of your search rank. If a viewer bounced, that means they already found your site. That’s what you should be paying attention to.

Google Talking Bounce Rate Again
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