Google Talk Smilies Roundup

    April 3, 2006

If you’re running the latest “leaked” version of Google Talk, the one with chat avatars, then Customize Talk has a full list of the new features, including all the smilies/emoticons in this version.

Google has added winking smilies (like 😉 ) and sunglass-wearing smilies. Of course, they still only change color, and don’t become images like in other IM clients, but its worth knowing if you’re a big smily man.

Complete list of smilies:

  • ;-| ;-O ;-x ;-P ;-D ;-( ,;-) ;'( ;| ;O ;x ;P ;D ,;) ;( ,;)
  • 😐 :-O ,:-x ,:-P ,:-D ,:-( ,:-) :'( ,:| :O ,:x ,:P ,:D ,:) ,:( ,:)
  • B) B( Bx BO B| BD BP

Note: Some of the smilies have commas in front of them, so WordPres doesn’t convert them into images. Please ignore any commas.

They also discovered that Google Talk is using Jabber vCard-Based Avatars enhancement to send and receive the avatars, which means any Jabber-based client can use them. Full Unicode support also works, in the entire interface, including away messages.

So, when are the Gtalk theme hacks going to arrive?

Also, I really like Customize Talk, and its a great source of Google Talk news, but I would suggest they add permalinks to the front page.

UPDATE: Oh, silly me, I already had a link for hacking Gtalk themes. Kyle Hayes showed you where to find the simple CSS file, and, if you know anything about CSS, this should be relatively easy.

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