Google Takes Third Spot on Spam List

    January 6, 2009
    Chris Crum

Spamhaus is a non-profit organization dedicated to tracking the Internet’s spam operations. They have just released a new list of the top ten ISPs used for spam purposes, and the big G is number 3 on the list with 21 current known spam issues.

Spamhaus Top Ten

"The majority of the world’s service providers succeed in keeping spammers off their networks and work to maintain a positive anti-spam reputation, but their work is undermined daily by the few networks who, out of corporate greed or mismanagement, choose to be part of the problem," says Spamhaus.

The Register notes that Microsoft was previously in fifth place on the list, but has made some improvements evidently, and is not on it all now. They quote Spamhaus CIO Richard Cox, "Microsoft got rid of the bad guys, and off they went to Google, which is now hosting a lot of the stuff that was on Microsoft’s domains."

You can see Spamhaus’s list for IPs under the responsibility of here, as well as some details about each entry. It will be interesting to see how quickly Google follows Microsoft’s lead in correcting these problems, and how it ranks on the next edition of the list.