Google Takes Second Crack At Mobile App For iPad


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The day before the iPad went on sale, Google showed its support for the device by announcing five different ways in which it would accommodate iPad users.  Now, the search giant's sort of unveiled a sixth: what it's calling an iPad-friendly version of the Google Mobile App.

GoogleAs you might expect, this doesn't represent a significant departure from the traditional Google Mobile App.  Indeed, Google even counted a different version of the app among its original five iPad-specific offerings, with an official blog post stating, "[W]e've adapted it to work on the iPad . . ."

Still, a fresh Google+Mobile+Blog%29">post promised this afternoon, "[T]his new version has been designed to show neatly on the iPad's screen, and . . . the usual features of Google Mobile App for iPhone, like search by voice and My Location, work well.  From the Apps tab, you can also easily navigate to Google's web-based apps, such as Gmail, which was recently optimized for iPad."

More improvements are supposed to be in the works, too.

Perhaps Google will attract a few new users thanks to this update.  At the least, the company's demonstrated that it remains dedicated to all aspects of the mobile market (and not just Android).

The iPad-friendly version of the Google Mobile App is available for download now in the App Store.