Google Takes LIFE Photo Archive Online

Features 10 million images

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Google said today it is partnering with LIFE magazine to make more than 10 million images available online from the magazine’s photo archive.

One of the most interesting things about the project is 97 percent of the photographs have never been seen by the public. The collection contains iconic images from the 20th century with works from LIFE photographers Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White, Gordon Parks, and W.Eugene Smith.

These images can be found by doing a search on Google.com or on Google Image Search. Users can also search through the LIFE Collection.

Google Takes LIFE Photo Archive Online

The LIFE Photo Archive on Google will be one of the largest professional photography collections on the Internet and one of the largest scanning projects ever conducted. Millions of images have been scanned and made available on Google Image Search and all 10 million images will be available in the coming months.

"LIFE will now reach a broader audience and engage them online with the incredible depth and breadth of the LIFE Photo Archive from serious world events, to Hollywood celebrities to whimsical photographs," said Andy Blau, LIFE’s President.

All keywords were translated into 16 different languages.

"Bringing millions of never-before-seen offline images online aligns with Google’s mission to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful," said R.J. Pittman, Director of Product Management at Google.

"The LIFE Photo Archive captures some of the most compelling events, people and places of the past two hundred years. We have enhanced Google Image Search to provide our users with a rich search and browse experience to explore these high quality historical images."

The LIFE Photo Archive also includes: The Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination; The Mansell Collection from London; Dahlstrom glass plates of New York and environs from the 1880’s.

Google Takes LIFE Photo Archive Online
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  • http://www.realstudio.ro Mihai

    It’s really great news! LIFE Photo Archive will give many people the oppotrunity to see great pictures of events far away from their homes, and out of their time (like the Kennedy assassination). It’s a big step forward for on open Internet

  • sg

    Have you seen the *full* Zapruder film of the JFK assassination?  Very few people have.

    A quick history of this film:  Abraham Zapruder was witness to the 1963 assassination and recorded it with his camera.  The film was confiscated by the government.  Years later a copy was made available to Jim Garrison, D.A. of New Orleans, who brought forth the only lawsuit concerning the assassination.  In the mid 1970s, this footage was finally shown to the public, causing an outcry that lead to the Church committee hearings in which Congress investigated the assassination, concluding that a conspiracy was probable.  Oliver Stone paid the Zapruder family for the right to use this footage in his well-known 1993 film, JFK.

    What most people don’t realize is that this film was edited.  According to a post I saw on the Web, the CIA admits that it edited the film, claiming that it had damaged the film.

    A Japanese TV show (TV-Asahi) investigated the JFK assassination and uncovered an unedited version of the famous Zapruder film, a copy made by a government employee (in the 1970s) from a copy in the government’s possession.  That version of the film has six frames that do not exist in the well-known version of the film.  They discovered this while trying to match an accidental audio recording of the event to the Zapruder film.  Incidentally, while doing digital forensics analysis of the audio recording evidence was found that (at least) five shots were fired from three different guns.

    Unfortunately, the TV-Asahi video is currently not easy to find online.  You might be able to use the phone number of Marie Ueda (below) to get a copy.

      JFK assassination: truth after 40 years
      TV-Asahi, Japan. English version.  Presented by Marie Ueda. 415-474-3854
      For researchers viewing only

    OTHER SUPPRESSED INFORMATION:  Look on YouTube for these two solid films:  JFKII and "The Men Who Killed Kennedy:  The Guilty Men".  (The second of these is also not so well known, thanks in part to Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and the LBJ family threatening to sue The History Channel if it continued to air and sell this production.)

  • Guest

    Who do we contact for USAGE permission for a commercial work?

    Anyone know?

  • http://car2be.com/ Used Hyundai

    “Bringing millions of never-before-seen offline images online aligns with Google’s mission to organize all the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” said R.J. Pittman, Director of Product Management at Google.

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