Google Takes Blog Search To Next Level

    June 1, 2009

Blog posts that aren’t less than two days old no longer have to be considered lost for all time.  Google’s made the Custom Search AJAX gadget available to all Blogger users, and as a result, it’s become much easier to call up entries from the past along with other info.

A post on the Official Google Blog explains, "You can configure this gadget to help your readers search all the information that’s relevant to your blog – your posts, webpages that you link to, and sites that you link to from the sidebar – all in one shot.  When your readers search using this gadget, the results are displayed with the look and feel of your blog.  And they show up inline, so readers don’t have to leave your blog."

Blogger Gadget

Not bad, all in all.  Making it even better is the fact that adding the Custom Search AJAX gadget just involves opting to edit your blog’s layout, clicking "Add a Gadget," and next selecting the new offering.  Plus, since the feature’s undergone a period of testing thanks to Blogger in draft, there shouldn’t be many bugs.

Rajat Mukherjee, a Group Product Manager, requested feedback, so feel free to let Google know what you think of all this.

In the meantime, test how it feels to have blog posts from beyond the last 36 hours remain findable.