Google Suggests Fresher Ideas In Search

    June 13, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s spidering of the Internet appears to have picked up pace dramatically, as the company noted its related search suggestions will be much fresher for users of their search engine.

Algorithmic tweaks for faster information processing make the search result suggestions appearing at Google a more timely prospect.

The announcement of fresher suggestions in Google’s search results pages got lost in the shuffle yesterday, when the company disclosed its search ad agreement with Yahoo. Despite that headline grabbing item, plenty of people continue to work on improving what has become the dominant search presence on the Internet.

“You won’t see related search suggestions for every query, and while they are usually shown below the search results, the algorithm sometimes causes them to display above the search results,” Google said.

Current hot topics like the salmonella threat to the tomato crop, or the start of the US Open, for example, pop related search suggestions atop the Google page. Each clickable link leads to dedicated results for the query.

A query for “yahoo google” didn’t return any search suggestions there, despite the recency of the latest news about the ad serving agreement between the two companies. Google’s fast on its indexing, but perhaps not sub-24 hours fast yet. Give it time.