Google Strikes Two New Deals For TV Ads

    October 16, 2008

Google is making a bigger push with its Google TV Ads and announced on Thursday that it has struck partnership deals with the Harris Corporation, makers of communications equipment and CoreMedia Systems, a direct response advertising company.

The Harris Corporation will integrate Google TV Ads into the products it sells to media and communications companies. Harris says the partnership with Google will create a new sales channel for broadcasters, cable networks and cable system operators.

Google TV Ads

"We are pleased to work with Harris to offer media companies the opportunity to leverage our automated online marketplace, providing a new and efficient sales option for their ad inventory," said Mark Piesanan, director of strategic partner development for Google TV Ads.

"Through our platform, we hope to provide additional ways to make TV advertising more relevant, accountable and measurable, delivering benefits to viewers, advertisers and programmers."

CoreMedia Systems will integrate Google TV Ads into its analytics product called CoreDirect, which will track responses and sales data from client call centers and Web servers.

"This is the first major step in what will be an increasingly seamless integration of Google TV Ads data with CoreDirect," said Gabrielle Schueler, Product Manager, CoreDirect Short Form.

Last month Google signed a deal with NBC Universal to sell advertising on some of the broadcasters cable networks in an effort to attract "new kinds" of advertisers.