Google Strikes Deal With Major Australian Sites

    August 27, 2007

Thanks to a new deal involving News Digital Media (NDM), Google will power the web and site search functions of a number of Australian sites.  These sites will also display ads from Google.

The formal announcement of this arrangement, posted by Julian Persaud on the Official Google Australia Blog, begins, “Australia has formed partnerships with a lot of great Australian websites, large and small.”  This new deal definitely falls onto the “large” end on the scale, though – NDM’s,,, and are involved, as is

Each site should receive a considerable boost in income, and Google will achieve a higher profile in Australia (which it has actively sought).  What’s more, Google has nudged out its chief competitor; in an article for Australian IT, Lara Sinclair reports that the arrangement “will also see Google replace Yahoo as the search results provider on NDM websites.”

And so, all of the deal’s participants are quite happy.  Persaud, Google Australia’s Head of Business Development, writes, “We look forward to working with News Digital Media in the years ahead.”

Richard Freudenstein, the CEO of NDM, echoed this by telling Australian IT, “We are extremely pleased to partner with such a significant global player like Google and extend long tail advertising on the NDM network.”