Google Strikes Back At Autonomy

    January 31, 2008

Google is defending itself against enterprise search vendor Autonomy saying that its white paper needs some corrections concerning Google’s Search Appliance.

Google says the white paper states that the Google Search Appliance "does not index all your critical content." "On the contrary, the Google Search Appliance was designed to search all critical content in the enterprise, including file shares, intranets, databases, and real-time business data – all from one simple search box," writes Nitin Mangtani, lead Google product manager, enterprise search on the official blog.

On security the paper says that the Google Search Appliance’s security features "are not sufficient enough for enterprise use." Mangtani says the Google Search Appliance has two levels of security. "First, the Google Search Appliance provides out-of-the-box support for multiple security access control systems" (such as SAML standards, SSO, NTLM, etc.).

"Secondly, the Google Search Appliance supports document-level security with all content sources, which ensures that end-users see only those documents in the results list to which they have access."

The white paper also points out that the search appliance capabilities are still being honed. Mangtani responds by writing," This is certainly true: We are constantly working to improve the appliance, to make sure it offers ever increasing relevancy out of the box. The fact is that we employ thousands of engineers focused on search relevancy and quality. In addition, we are the fastest innovator in the industry."

The blog post closes Mangtani writing that the list was by no means thorough and that "it’s important to clarify misinformation about enterprise search."