Google Stock Fell To $12 After Hours

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The after hours price for shares of GOOG as seen on both Yahoo Finance and Google Finance plummeted to $12 for a few brief minutes at around 6:14 pm EDT.

Google Stock Fell To $12 After Hours
Google Stock Fell To $12 After Hours

File this one under “glitch in The Matrix.” Something strange happened in after hours trading with Google’s stock.

If you visit Google Finance, and make sure Extended Hours is checked under the Settings for the chart, you should see the drop between 6 pm and 6:20. I grabbed a screenshot and attached it to the bottom of this post as well.

Yahoo Finance also showed the same $12 price at the same time. If it were a real drop, it would have represented a loss of nearly 98 percent of Google’s market cap in the time it would take Sergey Brin to say, “would you like fries with that?”

Whatever happened with the system appears to have righted itself, not that it’s an improvement on Google’s price at market close. Shares of GOOG were down 62 cents to $519.50 at 6:20 pm ET.

I feel sorry for any Googlers who happened to see that drop, especially the ones who have been with the company long enough to enjoy the run-up from the IPO to present. The phrase “rapidly downloaded some brownware” comes to mind.

Google Stock Fell To $12 After Hours
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  • http://www.webpronews.com/comment/reply/39467 kevin burkhart

    Howz it?
    I noticed your article on Googles stock falling to $12. As a finace student I was hoping to get a screen shot of that stock price. You article sais that you attacjed it to the bottom of the page? I can’t find it. I’m doing a report on google and that screen shot would help alot. Any chance you could email it to me or do you know where I could get it.


    Kevin Burkhart

    • David A. Utter

      It’s at the bottom of the article, below the tags. Here’s a direct link to it:



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