Google Starts Including User-Generated Maps in Search Results

    March 26, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has now made it easier to find maps created by others using My Maps. They are starting to show links to completed user-generated maps when they deem it relevant to a query.

The feature isn’t in place for everything at this point, but Google provides some examples like Google Maps searches for "President Birth Places," "London Olympics 2012," "US State Capitals," and others.


"In addition to making searching better, this is also an excuse for you to go polish your maps, since now the world can find them!" says James Macgill at the Google Lat Long Blog. "Remember, if we find an attribution in your feed we will link back to you."

In other news, Frank Taylor at the unofficial Google Earth Blog has posted a couple interesting items. The first is a how-to video on using Street View in Google Earth:

He also looks at how to set up Google Earth Options. "If you’re wondering what Google Earth experts do to make things run faster or better, then read this article," he says. Check it out here.