Google Spreadsheets Updated

    March 29, 2007

Google Spreadsheets has been updated, a minor release bumping the version number to 1.2.0i. The update fixes these issues:

  • spreadsheets not loading quick enough
  • spreadsheets not loading
  • disconnect error messages (and if you are disconnected, you will be reconnected automatically)
  • for IE users, if your spreadsheets aren’t loading, you’ll be prompted with instructions
  • “press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard”
  • Now supports Tab Seperated Values (.TSV) files
  • hyperlinks in spreadsheets are now active and clickable in published spreadsheets

(via Barry)

Meanwhile, check out this demo showing exactly how Google Desktop was hacked. I’m amazed at how the attacker was able to send commands to be run on the compromised machine and get at the user’s password, all by getting the user to click on a sneaky link.

(via Peter H. Gregory > Digg)