Google Splits Up Google Base

    September 29, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has split Google Base into two separate entities – Google Base and the new Google Merchant Center. The Merchant Center will replace Google Base for users who submit product-type items to Google.

"If you submit products to Google, Google Merchant Center is now the place to upload your feeds, check on the status of your items, and get information on the performance of your listings," says Google Merchant Center Product Manager Loannis Kalafatis.

Google Base remains available for other types of structured content, but according to Google the Merchant Center is better optimized for product listings.

Google Merchant Center

"In general, the Merchant Center interface is very similar to the Google Base interface, so we hope it’s easy to transition," says Kalafatis.

Google says they will continue to add features and improve the tools for uploading and managing product listings with the Merchant Center. Users can use the same Google account information to sign in to the Merchant Center that they used for Google Base. Existing data feeds, items, FTP settings, etc. will be there waiting.

Non-product items users previously submitted to Google Base will stay there. Google says if you used Google Base for both products and non-products in the past, you will have to reset your FTP settings in Google Base.

Google Base and the Google Merchant Center have separate terms of service. The terms for the Merchant Center can be found here. There is a FAQ page here.