Google Softens Description Of SEOs

By: Doug Caverly - July 1, 2008

SEOs should prepare to feel all warm and fuzzy.  In a document titled "What’s an SEO?  Does Google recommend working with companies that offer to make my site Google-friendly?" Google’s softened some of the language it uses to describe them.

The old version mentioned "a few unethical SEOs" in the fourth line and then jumped into a list of warning signs.  The revised help page introduces a negative in line three, but uses the gentler term "irresponsible."  From there, it names a lot of possible benefits.

"Many SEOs and other agencies and consultants provide useful services for website owners, including: Reviewing and providing recommendations on your site content or structure . . . Technical advice on website development: for example, hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript . . . Content development . . . Managing online business . . . development campaigns . . . Keyword research . . . SEO training."

Relatively neutral, background check-type questions follow, and then the same warnings eventually appear.  It seems Google now has fewer qualms about nudging people towards SEOs, though, or has at least decided that its old description came off as too harsh.

Barry Schwartz deserves credit for unearthing the less-than-sweet version.  And perhaps as another way of saying "sorry," Google’s asking people to contribute their own SEO-related recommendations.

Doug Caverly

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  • Ken

    It’s good to see Google reaching out. I’ve noticed within the last 6-8 months they have been doing an excellent job handling this front. Especially with helping webmasters and REALLY listening to their feedback.

  • Jucick

    Oh! That’s such a benevolent gesture!

    It was such a fun to read the comments to the post "What are your SEO recommendations?", especially if taken into consideration that not a single thought genuinely belongs to its author.

    A real SEO Professional IMHO, is not a plagiarist of others’ ideas but a person with outstanding imagination who has enough creativity to find his own way based on general experience and Google Webmaster Guidelines))

    • SEO Service

      I love the bonsai tree on your site!

      It goes well with organic :)

  • boston seo company

    Great outline of the unethical side of seo and some of the people that bring the whole industry to the level of a used car salesmen

  • Sohbet

    This is definitely too big of a chunk of potential traffic for any savvy online business to ignore.