Google Snakes In Python Creator

    December 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Guido van Rossum, creator of the Python programming language, has been drawn into the coils of the Googleplex.

There’s programming talent, and then there’s programming legend. Google has picked up the latter in the form of Van Rossum, well-known for his role as Python’s inventor.

Now he’ll be a part of the mighty search advertising company, Google. Jeremy Jones pointed out the thread on comp.lang.python that announced the good news. Congratulations were roundly offered, and posters to the thread also speculated on how Van Rossum’s new job will affect his famous hobby as well as Google’s open source projects.

Google’s Greg Stein, an engineering manager for open source, addressed the open source issue in a post on the thread:

Yeah… we recognize that we could certainly open-source more of our software. While we’ve released some stuff (, there is a LOT more that we want to do. Getting engineers’ 20% time to do that has been difficult.
Thankfully, we know how to fix that and got the okay/headcount to make it happen. (IOW, it isn’t a lack of desire, but making it happen)

Official word on Van Rossum’s duties or its impact on Python development hasn’t been forthcoming yet, and we’ll look forward to hearing more about his work at Google.

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