Google Smartphone Apps On Top In India


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Google's Android has blown onto the scene in India. Since the behemoth growth of Android in India in 2011, the country has exploded to the forefront in terms of shipment. A Nielsen Informate panel discovered Android users in India spent greater than 40% of their time on smartphones using data. 25% of of the time, the panel found, was spent on apps developed by Google.

According to Neilsenwire Google has the #1 app in terms of reach for 5 out of 7 genres of apps, while Facebook dominates social network. Google apps dominate in time spent streaming videos, using GPS features, e-mail and search. Nearly 100% of the time used on streaming video goes to YouTube, while almost 90% of the time spent on GPS is with Google. Still with social networking, Facebook and Twitter remain on top.

Everybody loves their smartphone, whether it's an Iphone or a Galaxy, some cannot live without it. How do you use your smartphone? Do you use it for business or otherwise? Let us know in the comments.