Google Slated For A Quarter Of The Pie

    October 16, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

If Google reports $4 billion in US online advertising revenue for 2006, it will have effectively secured 25 percent of the market to itself, the first time a company has done so.

MarketWatch cited an advanced peek at the eMarketer report that has Google leaping by 65 percent from last year’s $2.4 billion in revenue.

Google has a couple of things going for it, according to the report – efficiency and brand power:

Google’s markedly better than Yahoo and other rivals at squeezing more revenue for itself from the advertising it serves up, eMarketer senior analyst David Hallerman said during a Monday interview. Also, Google’s reputation as the online ad leader makes it more of a first choice for businesses trying out online advertising for the first time.

“These growth numbers establish Google as the unrivaled king of online advertising universe, leaving Yahoo, with its greater advertising diversity and years of media experience, struggling in second place,” Hallerman said.

In what may feel like a continuation of last week’s parade of articles from around the media world questioning Yahoo, the report noted that in 2005, Yahoo and Google were virtually even in ad revenue.

In 2006, Google will nearly double up second place Yahoo. Don’t feel too bad for Yahoo, as the company should still take in $2.86 billion in ad revenues in the US for itself.


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