Google “Similar Images” Feature Goes From Labs to Actual Feature

    October 28, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google launched a Google Labs project earlier this year called "Similar Images," as an extension to Google Image Search. It allows users to search for images using pictures instead of words. The project has now graduated from Labs and is now a part of Google Images.

The most popular images in Google’s search results will have a link to "find similar images." The feature is pretty self-explanatory, but that doesn’t stop Google from explaining it anyway.

"So, let’s say you want to find images of Ancient Egypt," says Google. "Google Images will provide you with a rich variety of results, including pyramids, maps, relics, drawings and other types of images. Instead of poring through hundreds of images, now you can simply click ‘Find similar images’ to narrow down the results to the results to the type you want."

Google - Similar Images Feature

It should be noted that Similar Images is still rolling out gradually, so there is a good chance you are not seeing it yet. Rest assured, however, you will.

In addition to the launch of the Similar Images feature, Google has also announced the availability of Product Ideas for Google Images. This is a place where Google users can post comments that will be seen by Google’s Images team. It’s a good place to leave feedback and suggestions for the company regarding its Images product.

Similar pages already exist for iGoogle, Google Docs, Google Reader, Google Mobile, Custom Search, Google Apps, SketchUp, Google Health, and SideWiki. If you have ideas for how to make Google products better, but are unsure of how to go about letting the company know, these are good places to start.

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