Google Shuts Down More Services

    September 28, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has continued its “spring cleaning,” announcing that it will be shutting down some more services.

Starting on Tuesday, it will start retiring AdSense for Feeds. It will close completely on December 3. Publishers can still use Feedburner URLs powered by Google.

Starting October 16, Google users will no longer be able to upload pictures with Classic Plus, which had let them upload or select images to use as a background on Google.com. The service will be turned off in November.

The company is consolidating Google storage in Picasa and Drive over the course of the next few months. “Users will have five GB of free storage across both services,” the company says. “If you’re paying for storage, your free storage will now be counted towards your total. So if you buy a 100GB plan, it will give you 100GB of total storage instead of adding adding to what you already had. We believe this approach will make it much easier for users. For both free and paid storage, people at or near their current storage limits will have the same amount of storage after this change.”

Google is getting rid of Spreadsheet Gadgets. The most popular ones, the company says, were added into charts in spreadsheets.

Beginning October 15, Google will stop issuing and displaying Google News Badgets and showing Recommended Sections.

The Places Directory Android app has been removed from Google Play, and the site is also being taken down.

Finally, Google is discontinuing +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools, so everyone can focus on social reports in Google Analytics.

Yesterday, Google announced the merger of Insights For Search into Google Trends.

Read Google’s full announcement here.

  • Joseph

    Hey Chris,

    Do you think they will shut down Blogger one day?

    Whats your thoughts?



    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-crum Chris Crum

      I don’t think they’ll do that anytime soon. But, one day? Who knows? Google+ has easily be used for blogging.

  • http://www.webdesignservices.me Martyn

    SEO seems to be getting tougher!

    • https://twitter.com/weboptmization Rajesh

      Yes Martyn…Soon SEO is going to be extreme tough for all webmasters.

  • cc98

    When do they shut down Google + ?

  • http://www.manilacomputerservices.com Manila Computer Repair

    No more search engine optimization on years to come. a big google internet channel for everybody, freedom will also buried on existence

  • Justin

    when them shutdown google search?

  • http://www.kaichuang8.com kaichuang8

    I try to understand

  • http://www.24houronlinemovies.com 24houronlinemovies.com

    Google is making it difficult for the webmasters.A tough decision.

  • http://www.nanogb.com Reji Modiyil

    what should be the next one for cancel, for the adsense already removed the domain field now feed section also , what is the next?

  • Kyle

    And the funny thing is websites were able to function just fine before the days of the mega corporation known as Google. Remember the days of Geocities and Lycos?

  • Kyle

    BTW: Al Gore did not invent the internet.

    All he did was favor for it to not be taxed the hell out of so anybody who seriously believes it are full of BS.

  • Kyle

    You could actually go on the internet in the early 90s known as *The Web* which many schools and universities used mainframe computers to act as servers and a sys op managed the servers.

    Q-link (with the dash) was becoming popular and then changed to America Online (AOL) which you could use a local connection for free or use a long distance phone line for like a dollar a minute such as to view this webpage if it were around back then.

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  • Józsi

    I really loved the google background images, now my google homepage is soo boring…