Google Shuffles Lots Of Domains

    November 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The DNS admins had plenty to do at Google this week, with a lot of domain names being moved to Google’s servers.

What do techicage, logiquate, and macroslash all have in common, besides a .com suffix? They are all Google domains, entered nice and neatly on their name servers, according to Resource Shelf.

Industry observers tracking Google’s moves in the mobile phone space, particularly with regards to its Android software, will find so many Android domains that it looks like a Star Trek convention hacked Google’s DNS boxes.

Three domains pique our interest, besides the Android ones., and net/org, have been registered. “The first one makes us wonder if an online tax prep service (look out TurboTax and Intuit?) might be another new service coming from Google?” said Resource Shelf.

Google also has and among its newly-moved domains. How about GoogleBux as a currency for online transactions through Google Checkout? The US Treasury and its horde of IRS agents would love that.

As for, cynical webmasters and SEOs probably think that describes Google’s usual, customary business practices well.

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