Google Sets Gadgets Free

    October 20, 2006

Google Gadgets have been set loose, figuratively speaking. According to the Google Code Blog, anyone who’s interested in them can now “easily add gadgets to your own site for free.” Adam Sah, of the Google Gadgets team, also spoke at length about his department’s activities.

“The v1.0 launch is a work-in-progress with bug fixes lined up and ready to go – gadget settings page fixes shipped last week, and our engineers are working feverishly to fix CSS-related rendering glitches,” Shah noted. “Extending support for sites that are blocking IFrame and Script tags may take some time, but it’s definitely on our todo list.”

But what impact will the spread of Google Gadgets have? “For developers,” Sah wrote, “this means significantly increased gadget distribution across the web, forums and blogs.”

Garett Rogers conducted an interview with Sah, and asked some very focused questions about Gadgets. Sah was careful about speaking on Google’s behalf, but proved willing to discuss his personal favorites, regardless of their origins. “I loved Local Chat when it came out, dugg the Digg gadget, use my Google Logo gadget (which my product manager designed), have fun with Mark Lucovsky’s ajaxsearch and mapsearch gadgets, anxiously await the latest gadgets by prolific gadgeteers Bonstio, Sophia, Labpixies,” he said.

The rest of the interview can be found here, but Joe Duck summarized it by saying it “suggests the increasing importance gadgets will play in the online landscape.” He also considered Google’s future in the Gadget field, writing, “[I]t will be interesting to see how they approach that, though it’s easy to predict they’ll create some revenue share with the gadget publisher to keep everybody happy.”


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