Google Sending More Than Its Share Of Search Traffic

    December 20, 2007

Some people want everyone to like them, and this, to be honest, can be a bit pathetic.  But businesses may need everyone (or at least a whole lot of folks) to like them, and so Rand Fishkin has addressed the issue of why Yahoo and MSN/Live don’t always send much traffic.

After all, Google dominates the search market, but it doesn’t yet own it; Hitwise puts the Mountain View-based company’s October market share at 64.49 percent, not one hundred.  A person might imagine, then, that traffic from Google would equal about 65 percent of the total search stream, and not 70 or eighty.

Rand Fishkin

Said person, according to Fishkin, would often be wrong.  With the help of a friend at Hitwise, he found that Google’s responsible for almost 78 percent of search traffic to "IT Media" sites, and a little more than 69 percent of search traffic to "Internet & Technology" properties.  "All Sites" receive around 72 percent of their search traffic from Google.

Chalk it up to the user base, the search experience, or whatever you like, then, but there’s no need to worry about seeing high numbers from Google and low amounts of traffic from everything else.