Google Sees Lowest Search Market Share In 5 Years In UK [Report]

    November 8, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Experian Hitwise has released new data about the search market in the UK, indicating that Google’s share has fallen below 90% in the country.

Google’s market share for the month was 89.33%. That’s the first time in as much as five years that Google has dropped below 90% in the United Kingdom, according to the firm. Here’s a look at the numbers:

UK Search Market

“As Google’s market share dropped it was a positive month for Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ask and the all Other search engines monitored by Experian Hitwise,” writes James Murray on the firm’s UK blog. “Microsoft Sites, led by the bing engine increased market share by 0.72% up to 4.71% of all searches. This was a 2012 peak for Microsoft which was also ahead by 0.86% year-on-year.”

“October saw the launch of Windows 8 with Bing set as the default search engine which may have gone some way to increasing Microsoft’s market share,” Murray adds. “Online searches for Windows 8 increased by 120% throughout October showing the increased online interest for Microsoft’s new operating system. As search continues to diversify however, the market is likely to continue to shift and change.”

It will be interesting to watch, not only in the UK, but everywhere else, especially in light of recent developments on the Bing front.

There are still 18 times more searches conducted on Google sites in the UK than on all of the other search engines combined.

  • http://www.rsystems.com Amit

    Google’s share has fallen below 90% in the country. Its not a problematic because its a market anything is possible any time so I think Google will cover all these losses within coming year.

    Thanks for sharing this great article.


  • http://www.seomark.co.uk Mark Walters

    On the one hand it’s good if Google’s share of searches drops, as I don’t really like how they have been acting in the past few years, however, if it ever got to the point where it near a 50/50 market share with Bing then optimizing websites would be a pain as Google and Bing use different ranking factors. They still have an 89% market share though, so not something to worry about just yet!

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