Google Seeks TV Connection With Media Server

    June 27, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google Media Player became the latest UPnP driven application to offer a way to view images and videos stored on a computer on one’s television.

Plenty of opportunities to watch PC-stored movies and other content on a big-screen TV exist. Commercial and free software packages enable the connection between all that content stored on a hard drive, and a more comfortable viewing experience outside the computer screen.

With Google and Microsoft seemingly rivaling each other all over the software map, it’s almost an afterthought that Google would deliver something that competes, on one feature anyway, with Windows Media Player.

The Google Media Server contains, what else, Google technology for finding and sending images and videos from the computer to UPnP-enabled hardware.

Google Media Server is one of the company’s many gadgets, sharing technology with Google Desktop. It’s likely that many people with an interest in sharing content with their TVs have a solution in place already, but the dedicated Google fans may find this alternative to Windows Media Player compelling enough to test.