Google Seeking Not To Cross The Creepy Line

    December 25, 2009

Google CEO Eric Schmidt while appearing on Fox Business made some interesting comments about Google’s emergence as a huge Microsoft-like business power. I thought most interesting was Schmidt’s statement about Google becoming like Microsoft, "Hopefully, we won’t repeat the mistakes that Microsot made ten years ago that ultimately led to all these things that happened with them".

Schmidt elaborated:

"In our case we see ourselves as a disruptor, and a disruptor because we are using new technology to solve real consumer problems, that in some cases people didn’t even realize could be solved. We are also a company that operates at scale using computers globally. And of course, we are in the information business and people have a lot of opinions on how information should be organized."

Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto asked Schmidt in reference to Google’s new Dashboard product how we really knew if Google deleted our personal data when we pressed delete via Dashboard. Schmidt’s response:

"Because we say so and we would be sued (if we didn’t)."

Cavuto joked: "It’s like … come in peace to serve man."

Watch the whole interview below: