Google Seeking Not To Cross The Creepy Line

Google Plans Not To Repeat Microsoft's Mistakes

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt while appearing on Fox Business made some interesting comments about Google’s emergence as a huge Microsoft-like business power. I thought most interesting was Schmidt’s statement about Google becoming like Microsoft, "Hopefully, we won’t repeat the mistakes that Microsot made ten years ago that ultimately led to all these things that happened with them".

Schmidt elaborated:

"In our case we see ourselves as a disruptor, and a disruptor because we are using new technology to solve real consumer problems, that in some cases people didn’t even realize could be solved. We are also a company that operates at scale using computers globally. And of course, we are in the information business and people have a lot of opinions on how information should be organized."

Fox Business’ Neil Cavuto asked Schmidt in reference to Google’s new Dashboard product how we really knew if Google deleted our personal data when we pressed delete via Dashboard. Schmidt’s response:

"Because we say so and we would be sued (if we didn’t)."

Cavuto joked: "It’s like … come in peace to serve man."

Watch the whole interview below:

Google Seeking Not To Cross The Creepy Line
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  • http://www.stickywebmedia.com Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization

    They are boldly showing off what they know of us…

  • http://www.laokay.com Adsense Publisher

    If I had to guess, I’d say all the problems with their software as of late, including payment issues to their publishers, were possibly due to the new roll out of the dashboard. It caused some hiccups and now they’re scrambling to fix it all.

  • http://www.autotweet.info/ AutoTweet

    Microsoft has gotten so stodgy and out of touch with reality. Hopefully google can keep it fresh and fast. As long as they continue with free tools I’ll support them. This guy started out boring but got much better when he got out of the script and started talking from the heart

  • http://philosophy.net.magnamentis.com Magnamentis

    What Schmidt is saying is that they don’t intent to make the obvious mistakes of Microsoft, but for those with sophisticated receivers/antennas it looks like as if they were heading exactly towards crossing that invisible line where users feel coerced, exploited, controlled exposed, helpless , etc. It is a very fine line and what makes it even more difficult to detect is that that line is often slowly but sometimes quickly and unexpectedly shifting to the worse side for the big players, depending on what the competition and spirit of time is like. Everyone who was disappointed and/or whose business was spoiled and/or who lost time and money due to unkept promises, will seek alternatives untile enought seekers will make alternatives happen. Next comes the “Malus” of the newcomer and thereafter comes the “Hype” for the new and exiting, which sooner or later leads to the downfall of the oversized entities. This applies to big masses in space, as well as to oversized things of all kinds. What all big successes have problems to deal with is to find out how many and which of their clients and users they can send away ( limit their freedom ) until the tension breaks loose. This can be compared to earthquakes, we know that the tectonic movements happen and that the tension is there, but we do not know where exactly and what exactly will trigger the next quake.

  • http://www.pod-coffee-maker.com Dianna

    It will be interesting to see if Google can stay ahead. Today they are THE name to beat in search engines, but they do have competition. Yahoo and Bing know they need fresh angles to compete, but when you’re in the lead it’s easy to get lax and just keep doing what you’re doing.

  • http://stararmy.com Wes

    Why doesn’t EVERY company that keeps our info have a dashboard? That’s something I’d like to see (maybe require?).

  • http://michaelhumphreys.com/ Mike

    Maybe Google can address all of the issues that been brought up about their new Sidewiki toolbar. Alot of webmasters that have been complaining about invasion of privacy and intellectual property infringements caused by Sidewiki.

    Here’s an article I wrote on the topic: http://michaelhumphreys.com/?p=27

    I’d love to hear Google’s CEO address this major concern as it affects everyone.

    Take care,


  • http://www.figurinescollectors.com Collectible Figurines

    Any big company dealing with almost the whole planet population is bound to make mistakes evn big ones sooner or later.

  • Bob

    Google needs to be split. Taking the whole world. Crushing the little guy with its free services. If you think different you need your head checked. Usually your type wakes up when the lion is in front of you salivating on your ass.

  • http://newpressrelease.com Press Release Distribution

    And we believe them…. right. But, when nothing is safe in the internet era, we don’t complain. I know that google knows anything about anyone…

  • http://www.adscams.info GuestAd-Scams

    What Google needs is new people in charge. Ones that are not involved in Google’s current criminal activities like Theft, Tax Evasion, Aiding Criminal Organizations like Hamas and Bin Laden’s, aiding the Russian mob by allowing them to advertise their scams on Google. The government in China will only allow Google in China if they allow the criminals in their country to advertise on Google.

    Who cares what Schmidt the Evil Lying Thief says, the cross dressing freak never told the truth in his life and he will not ever tell the truth. Google is the largest data mining company in the world and keeps every last detail of your online activities forever.

    They will show your info to anyone that is willing to pay for it, any government or police official that even asks, forget about a warrant, they don’t need it. Google is nothing but a Greedy bunch of liars and thieves who will not stop until they have crushed every small business on the web.

    I for one await the release of the Google Killer which has been in development for the last 7 years and does not have any of Google’s bugs or scams.

    Yay ! The death of the greedy giant thief is coming soon. and they will not be able to buy it, they will just have to die a slow death as they scramble to buy out a company that hates them and will never sell.

  • http://www.cultureship.com Corporate Culture

    I see the point that Google claim to know their niche, albeit an absolutely massive one. But as basic functionality becomes commoditised, innovative applications and an information market per se are going to converge more and more. Malcolm Evans, The Cultureship Practice.

  • http://www.artofstorytellingshow.com/ Storytelling

    Now they are stuck on the idea that they have this sword and they might as well find something or somebody to use it on. Which is not so great is your standing around the party looking dangerous just for fun. It’s time to move to a better story google like say farming or stewardship which might be more in line with what you actually need to be doing.

  • http://www.ebusiness-technology.net Ebusiness Technology

    Not even Google specifically, but seeing context sensitive adsense around my gmail inbox was already creepy years ago. It’s free, which is great, but how private is it really? Personally I’m more wary of Facebook because of all the other people that can post your personal info, photos etc on there.

  • Psycho Man Gonzo


  • http://www.prosearchplus.com hotel seo

    I hope they don’t follow Bing’s most recent update with their search engines. Bing just screwed a ton of people over with their new search algorithm.

  • Jim

    Google is increasingly using its near monopolistic powers to bully and strong-arm the very hands that feed it — its advertisers. New and not so arguably ridiculous policies and mandates on advertisers’ landing pages not only disrupt their business and processes, but will also eat into Google’s ever fat margins. Google has become too powerful for its own good, with that ‘absolute power corrupting absolutely’ becoming increasingly evident in their treatment of advertisers, partners, and yes, their very own users. Here’s to Yahoo/Bing emerging as a formidable competitor that will hopefully keep the Google monster at check to some degree.

  • Dolphie

    Google is worse than Microsoft. At least MS did not get into the territory of blocking our access to websites based upon biases. Google’s intent has been negative – Microsoft’s was positive. Google to destroy – Microsoft to build. Google is here because Microsoft created an environment that was conducive to user interaction and subsquent growth.
    Until the past few years, Microsoft built and was capitalistically competitive – they did not get involved in what we wish to access or not. Google has created applications that inhibit people from accessing certain sites – in other countries – then set about to apply the same strategies here in the USA.
    One company is about freedom, capitalism and growth. The other is about limiting access, theft and limited growth.

    The reason google is experiencing issues it look at their attempts to manage what the enduser search efforts produce.

    What was once one of my favorite product lines – is now a sell out.
    And no – I am not a Microsoft fan either – I have different issues with them.

  • http://www.muttfence.com/wirelessdogfence Wireless Dog Fence

    I see Google as a company that works hard at excellence and one that is easy to deal with. My experience has been that their products work as a advertised, and I am generally prepared to trust their intentions in a way that I don’t with, say Microsoft. That may be because of some unpleasant previous experience with Microsoft, but until Google screws up, I’ll keep giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    • http://www.laokay.com Adsense Publisher

      They work until they don’t.

      Google is not easy to deal with when you have a problem, they’re always easy to deal with when you do not.

      Google is in it for Google.

      They’re holding onto my $9k payment from last month for no good reason. All that means is my money is earning interest for Google while I get my cell phone shut off and late notices from everybody.

  • http://mysmartphoneapps.blogspot.com Guest

    I’m no seo or google expert but as a internet layman one mistake google shouldnt make which they have been lately is alienating its users. Note to google execs: Dont let power corrupt you. This is the mistake that Microsoft made and it appears they cannot recover.

    Gus Schmidt

  • http://investigativeresources.co.uk/ Marilyn Marion

    Rich – please use your spell check “Microsot”

    THAT is embarrassing even for me!

  • http://mlmtopearnersecretrevealed.com draman muhamad

    From my point of view google is one of the new wonders of the world comparable to the 7 wonders in the world. I couldnt imagine how life would be without google.Dont you think so too?

  • Damian

    no, they aren’t showing off – you’re just paranoid and wish you were rich. WORK!

  • http://www.gallaweb.com Gallaweb

    It is clear to most that Google has already crossed that line. What makes it creepy though is the people that misuse the information. Google provides great tools and does make things much easier for most, but it’s the idiots that ruin that information and technology for us.

  • http://www.cpasitesolutions.com Kenny

    A call to Google-Date…

    You: Hi. I’d like to use your service.

    Google: OK. Bye.

    You: Wait… don’t you want to know what I’m looking for in a woman?

    Google: You’re kidding, right?

    You: Well isn’t there some kind of form you want me to fill out?

    Google: Nope. We’ve tracked every starlet fan site, image search, forum and porn site you’ve visited in the last 25 years. We already know your hobbies, your physical ideals, and your fetishes. Why would we need a form? You’d just lie.

    You: But…

    Google: DUDE… relax… we’re on it. If you’d just let me of the phone you’d have a date by now.

    You: Ummm… OK.

    Google: OK. Bye.


    *Bong* You’ve got mail.

  • http://highpointseo.com Denver SEO

    I think that Google and the web are good indicators of the health of the economy. If people are increasing spending online, and particularly in advertising, this is a good sign that things are turning around. I know our SEO business has seen an increase in the last few months as well!

    Cheers to a better economy!

  • http://www.cenyang.com Guest

    company’s products the main series is XBOX.WII.PS3.PSP.NDS.USB , there are game controller, guitar, charger, sports kit, travelling bag and protect case ect game accessories. We have a huge sales network, as well as good cooperation suppliers.

  • http://wikiworldbook.com/ Fan of Google

    Providing Google don’t become as arrogant as Microsoft did – and hence annoy alot of people regularly, they should be ok.

    So they should stop doing things like imposing change without any notice to the community that use them.

    Two recent examples spring to mind:-

    The change to the No Follow rule which they imposed and told people about a year later. No only did this involve a massive amount of unwittingly wasted effort on the part of webmasters everywhere, it turned out that they were actually harming their site’s authority as their Page Rank evaporated.

    Secondly, they removed the Page Rank stats in GWMT without any notice to say where it had gone. Overnight a very helpful tool disappeared and thousands of webmasters spent the next few weeks wasting hundreds of hours cumulatively trying to find out where the stats had gone or wondering whether their site had incurred one of Google’s notoriously unannounced penalties.

    Small things, but I’m sure that’s how it started for a small successful company called Microsoft.


  • http://traffic-101.com Get Traffic

    I think any company that large has to really watch out. It is easy to get out of touch with the consumer and make big mistakes.

  • http://www.spruce-insurance.com Spruce Insurance

    Google needs to be careful that they don’t turn out to be too much like Microsoft. Once their revenues from paid search ads start to slow they could be come as boring a company as that one based in Redmond!

  • http://forum.caplay.com/member.php?u=41341 Josie Higueros

    Way over my head on this. Damn ill have to google all day now.

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