Google, SearchMash Partner With Snap

    October 29, 2007

SearchMash is Google’s experimental engine; you can think of it as another Google Labs.  And now a Flash version of SearchMash has become available, which has some people wondering about Google’s relationship with Snap – and the future of

Snap is the specific company that’s behind the SearchMash redesign.  Often associated with pop-up-style previews, Snap has taken a less intrusive approach on SearchMash, and merely fills the right-hand column of results pages with screenshots.  That’s not to say Snap and SearchMash have made a popular move, however.

Complaints about the pop-ups persist, and there are also concerns that Snap’s Flash technology will increase load times.  When I mentioned the subject of this article, a fellow WebProNews staffer even said something about “despising Snap with a passion.”

Still, Snap does have its adherents – Paul Angles mentioned “[t]he 2 million websites and blogs that use’s Snap Shots technology” before announcing the deal with SearchMash and Google.

What we’re all waiting to see, though, is if this stays between Snap and SearchMash, or if gets a preview column, as well.