Google, Search Drives Health, Travel Traffic

    December 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Websites in the health & medical and the travel categories received substantial traffic driven to them from search engines in November 2007.

Over 44 percent of traffic to health & medical sites arrived after a visitor found those destinations in a search engine. One in three visitors to travel sites originated from a search as well.

Google, Search Drives Health, Travel Traffic

Analysis firm Hitwise tabulated the percentage of searchers hitting various industries post-query. Visitors to the shopping & classified (25.7%), entertainment (22.7%), and news & media (21.8%) categories popped into a search engine first in respectable numbers.

Just for the fun of it, Hitwise also broke down the percentages of traffic Google drove to these categories by itself in November:

source: Hitwise
Health & Medical 29.15%
Travel 21.82%
Shopping & Classifieds 16.15%
News & Media 13.92%
Entertainment 13.77%
Business & Finance 10.49%

Advertisers in these categories should take note, as people with interests that coincide with an industry and a marketer’s message could really move the meter for an ad campaign.

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