Google Search and Picasa: Where to Now?

    January 20, 2005

Google’s known for developing great services without necessarily knowing how they’re going to monitize them.

Picasa’s one such example.

The service itself makes editing and sharing pictures easy, and they made Froogle, Blogger and Gmail tie ins. But how is Google going to tie Picasa in with their key service?

Picassa’s competitor Flickr (a free service that makes its dough from a pro account that allows a gig of upload a month) made an interesting partnership recently with blog search engine Technorati.

When searchers use (about Technorati tags) they can search posts and flickr photos that have the corresponding terms in their tags. This gives a neat twist to those whose blogs are more marketing oriented, though I wonder how long it will take for spammers to jump on this particular function.

What makes this Flickr tie in work for Technorati is that they’re both – for the most part – personal media sources. This can have compelling results. Try a A . (not for the squeamish)

Google Google+Search”>images gives me about four newsy pics and then a slew of pics from 1992. So I’m looking for a Picasa tie in soon, and for Google to get with the program and deliver some blog search with a Google News style front end. That plus Picasa pics would give new meaning to news.

tx to jd for telling me bout flikr and technorati

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