Google Says Its New Mobile PLA Style Will Drive More Traffic To Retailers

    October 18, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google announced that it is changing the way the mobile PLA (product listing ads) ad unit looks on Google.com. The update is designed to help shoppers browse and discover merchandise more easily while using their mobile device.

“People are increasingly turning to their mobile devices as shopping assistants at home, in stores, and on the go, and constant connectivity is helping shoppers find the products they want, whenever they want,” Google Shopping group product manager Jennifer Liu said in a blog post. “Google Shopping connects people looking for products with the best places to buy both online and in local stores, and there are big opportunities for retailers to connect with mobile shoppers using mobile Product Listing Ads (PLA), particularly as we head into the holiday retail season.”

Here’s what mobile PLAs will look like going forward:

Mobile PLAs

With the new style, users can swipe through products without having to leave the search results page. Product images and titles are also larger than before.

As a result of the new style, more businesses have a chance of hitting the initial search results page. Google says that it is driving more traffic to retailers, based on early tests.

In the blog post, Google shares a couple examples of retailers who have benefited. REVOLVEclothing.com, Google says, grew mobile PLA campaign clicks by 371%, conversions by 537% and mobile return on ad spend by 77%. There’s a case study here.

Image: Google

  • http://www.tomushky.com Jenny

    Google Says Its New Mobile PLA Style Will Drive More Traffic To Retailers – Do they mean accidental clicks will increase a lot?

    Everyone knows that merchants are quite fed up with google ad performance, the pricing system is just wrong, an item that sells for 10 or 20 dollars pays the same than an item selling for 100 or 1000, all other shopping engines have a fair pricing strategy but no google, I also haven’t seen any formal announcement that advertisers are now forced to keep spending money instead of manually adding funds, plain wrong and aggressive. Service to merchants hasn’t improve a bit. No wonder sellers are now going to facebook, bing and other comparison engines. Google is a clear monopoly.