Google Saw Your Social Networking Profile

    February 21, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The challenge of finding quality job recruits has even hit Google, long a highly coveted destination for technology graduates. Google is even having to do some legwork these days.

Google’s hiring practices used to be exceptionally rigorous for its engineers. Reports of high GPA requirements, multiple interviews, and baffling pop quizzes given by interviewers have become part of Google employment lore, just like its cafeterias.

Those practices have mellowed in the past year. Big names like Microsoft have been recruiting just as hard as Google. With startups like YouTube scoring billion-dollar paydays, some of the best and brightest may be deciding to take a chance at building a company and nailing a Vegas-style payout instead of settling for a salary free food.

It’s nudged Google into lightening up, just a little bit. They haven’t been distracted from their search for someone who might come up with the next Google News.

Part of their search involves plumbing the depths of social networking sites. Jeff Moore gave a talk at Harvard on ‘The Impact of Technology on Job Search’. He recruits for Google, and social networking is on his list of sources to find potential job candidates.

Recruiting is a priority for growing companies. To attract their attention, Moore recommended several tips for young job seekers:

  • Get out there
  • Manage your public profile
  • Don