Google, Samsung Get Moving

    January 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo was quick with a blitzkrieg of press releases this morning and Samsung is for sure double dipping. Included among a host of major mobile phone manufacturers in bed with Yahoo, Samsung later was seen leaving the Googleplex a little extra smiley. Whadda hound.

Of course, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, the techorgy of the year, has something to do with the cross-mojonation. In addition to adding Yahoo’s new Go Mobile 2.0 to its phones, Samsung is also in a global cooperation with Google to add search, Google Maps, and Gmail.

“We are very thrilled to introduce Samsung mobiles with one-click access to Google services,” said Kitae Lee, President of Samsung’s Telecommunication Network Business. “Our cooperation with Google exemplifies our commitment to leading the evolution from the fixed-Internet era to a mobile Internet era.”

Mobile content and Web access is considered the next frontier among Internet companies. As wireless networks improve, software and hardware is developed, many, including Microsoft head Bill Gates, believe the majority of the world, especially in poorer nations, will be using mobile phones to surf the Internet instead of computers.

Unlike the “fixed Internet,” as Lee described it, there are no dominant players on the mobile Web. Though Google rules search and search advertising, and online video as well, the Internet giants are set to duke it out again in the mobile arena in the coming years.

If Yahoo’s assault of press releases this morning was any indication, then Sunnyvale is leading the charge. But as history suggests, Yahoo hits the market hard while Google has a tendency to sneak up from behind.


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