Google Rolls Out Reader Improvements

    January 30, 2009
    Chris Crum

Back in December, Google rolled out a redesign of Google Reader. Opinions were mixed (naturally), but I think it went pretty well overall. I know I’ve gotten used to it.


Still, there were some bugs and other things that could have used improvement. Google was not oblivious to this, and has taken the time to deliver some fixes and improvements. A post from the Google Reader Blog indicates that the new release includes the following:

– Improvements to rich mobile interface for iPhone, Android and other browsers, including a more compact page header, visual alignment tweaks and a faster loading time.

– Links on the home page giving you easy access to your recently read and kept unread items.

– Fixes for some "stuck" unread count issues.

– Better handling of feeds and items with malformed URLs.

– Less flickering when using the "Share with note" bookmark.

– Fixing of errors when deleting lots of tags and folders.

– Removal of extra image and backend requests, resulting in slightly faster loading times.

The Google Reader Team (like most of Google’s teams) is always looking for feedback, and has a discussion group for it. They’re also encouraging users to follow them on Twitter.