Google Rolls Out New Features To Picasa

    December 6, 2008

Google has introduced several new upgrades to its Picasa photo service.

Google Rolls Out New Features To Picasa

The Picasa name tag tool has now been expanded to include 38 languages and there are new improvements in how users can share their photo albums along with automatic translations of comments.

The Google Photos Blog explains. "We’ve made it easier for you to quickly see who you’ve shared your albums with — you’ll notice this information in the right-hand column of any album page."

"For viewers, we’ve reciprocated by making it easier to see shared albums, too: whenever your friends or family look at your gallery page, they can now easily see all the albums you’ve shared with them — public, unlisted, or sign-in-required — in one place."

Google Rolls Out New Features To Picasa

The new sign-in-required feature allows users to share their Picasa Web Albums only with others who have a Picasa account.

Google has also improved the way videos play. Videos that are over 320 pixels will play back in higher-quality MPEG4 format. Users are not required to re-load the files of their existing videos to view the higher quality improvement.