Google Reviews Convention Coverage

    September 2, 2008

Google’s interest in the Democratic National Convention approached levels of extreme overkill; there’s only so much time that any person can dedicate to following politics, and most folks hardly want to max out.  Still, it looks like everything went off without a hitch.

Bringing Google’s "funness" to the Convention represented an accomplishment of one sort.  After product demonstrations, smoothies, and massages were given out, there wasn’t any talk about bribery or incidents involving former presidents.

Then there was the triumph of a new 2008 Conventions YouTube channel.  A post on the Official Google Blog states, "Many of our Democratic guests took the time to post video nominations of Senator Barack Obama at YouTube booths . . . .  We collected over 500 such videos from delegates on hand."  Also, "[C]elebrities like John Legend, Charles Barkley, and Louis Gossett Jr. took the opportunity to speak directly to the YouTube community and/or to talk about why they are nominating Obama . . ."

Eric Schmidt participated in a townhall discussion, and Google Maps got featured on a Jumbotron.

Now, anyone whose head hasn’t exploded should get the chance to see Google apply its enthusiasm to the Republican National Convention.  The company has noted that activities have been scaled back due to Hurricane Gustav, but it’ll provide live coverage and daily highlights at the very least.