Google Reveals More About YouTube Plans

    January 25, 2007

Back in October, Google purchased YouTube amid a frenzy of media coverage and speculation about how the search company would implement the user-generated video site into its everyday operations. In a statement today, Google shed some more light onto its long-term plans for YouTube.

You all remember the magic number, don’t you? That’s right, $1.65 billion; it’s a number that was repeated so many times it’s now forever burned into the retinas of Internet users the world over for all time.

Even before the purchase went public, however, the blogosphere was rampant with rumors swirling around everything from the final purchase price to Google’s plans to establish an indomitable video monopoly with the fiendish intent to monetize the ever-loving crap out of it.

Of course, the reason for such speculation stems from the lack of any kind of official statement from Google concerning their plans for YouTube.

Today, however, the company unveiled, at least in part, its vision for YouTube and the future of Google Video.

In Google’s search results, you can already find links to YouTube content. Now, it seems, YouTube video results are beginning to appear in the Google Video search index as well, and when users click on the thumbnails they are taken directly to the YouTube site in order to view the content.

Google also elaborates about its plans (or lack thereof) to integrate YouTube into its overall operations:

YouTube, as we’ve stated previously, will remain an independent subsidiary of Google, and will continue to operate separately. Google will support YouTube by providing access to search and monetization platforms and, when/where YouTube launches internationally, to international resources. YouTube co-founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen and the rest of the YouTube team will continue to innovate exciting new ways for people to “broadcast themselves.”

Alas, there will be no GooTube re-branding campaign for the foreseeable future.

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