Google Removes AFP Content

    March 26, 2005

Google is apparently backing down from a copyright dispute with Agence France Presse.

Agence France Presse filed a $17.5 million lawsuit.

An article at sums up the dispute:

“The disputed content includes story leads, headlines and graphics that appeared on Google’s news site without the international news service’s permission, AFP said.

The news service, which competes with such groups as Reuters and United Press International, is seeking at least $17.5 million in damages and an injunction against Google to immediately stop the display of the news service’s stories on Google News, the Washington Times said Wednesday.”

An unidentified Google spokesperson according to an article said, “We are removing all AFP content from Google News. Google’s policy is to allow publishers to opt out of Google News. Most publishers, however, want to be included in Google News because they believe it is a benefit to them and their readers.”

Google started removing AFP content shortly after the filing of the complaint.

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