Google Releases Privacy Tip Videos

    December 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google has been a pretty big target for privacy advocates who are concerned with the amount of information Google collects on users. It’s only fitting then that the company would be pretty proactive about assuaging those fears.

Google has a YouTube channel dedicated to privacy called, simply, The Google Privacy Channel, which features videos made by Google employees about the kind of data Google collects, what the company does with that information, and how much control a user has over the information about them stored in Google’s index.

Google released a new series of videos today specifically devoted to privacy tips. The videos outline how to use Google Chat’s "Off the Record" feature, how to fence off Picasa photo albums, and how to remove a phone number from the results, among others.

Jane Hovarth, senior policy counsel for Google, says on the Google Blog that Google is "committed to finding new ways to educate you about how to control what information you share when using our products, and with whom. This series, along with the other videos on our YouTube Privacy Channel, are part of this awareness-raising effort."

The Center for Digital Democracy has been especially vigilant as a privacy watchdog and has targeted Google for many of its complaints. Most recently, the CDD has opposed Google’s acquisition of online advertising company DoubleClick, as the deal will boost Google’s behaviorally targeted advertising capabilities.