Google Releases My Maps Editor for Android

    December 15, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google introduced today My Maps Editor for Android. It is a tool that allows you to created, edit, share, and view personalized maps on Android phones synched with the My Maps tab on Google Maps.

So what are some practical uses for this? Google Software Engineer Brian Cornell says: There are plenty of ways to put this to good use during the holiday season:

    * Plan out your holiday shopping. Create a map on your computer with markers for all of the stores you need to visit. Color code the markers according to importance, category, or sales. Then as you visit each store, change the icon to indicate that you’ve been there and list what items you were able to get in the description. If you find a store you didn’t think of, you can quickly add a marker for it to help future planning.

    * Make a map of holiday decorations and displays that you see. Every time you see an interesting holiday display, use the Mark My Location feature to create a marker, then edit the details and add a photo of the display right from the phone’s camera. Share your map with your friends and family to show them the best holiday displays in your area. Just go to the maps list, tap and hold on your map, and select Share Map to share it right from your phone.

    * Keep track of your travels. You can map out your travel plans and take them with you wherever you go. Add markers while you travel to mark interesting places, and take lots of pictures and attach them to the markers. Then when you get back, you can share the map with your friends and show everyone what your did on your vacation with a map and pictures to help them really visualize the trip.

The application is available for download from the Android Market, which is currently available for the T-Mobile G1 phone. It should be a great tool for frequent travelers looking to remember spots of interest in cities they intend to return to.