Google Releases Instant Messaging API

By: Chris Crum - September 4, 2009

Google has announced the release of a new API for building Talk bots on top of Google App Engine, Google’s product that lets developers create and host web apps on the Google infrastructure.

Google has released version 1.2.5 of the App Engine software developer kit (SDK) for Python and Java. This happens to be the company’s first simultaneous release for both. The API includes XMPP (also referred to as Jabber) support, which is an open standard for instant messaging. This comes in the form of the XMPP API for both SDKs.

"Like the other APIs that App Engine provides for developers, XMPP is built on the same powerful infrastructure that serves other Google products," says Google on the App Engine Blog. "In this case, we take advantage of the servers that run Google Talk. This new API allows your app to exchange messages with users on any XMPP-based network, including (but not limited to!) Google Talk."

Google Talk

Developers involved with the preview of Google Wave can also use the API to build bots that interact with waves. Wave will be available to schools and businesses this fall, by the way.

"We’re very proud of our first XMPP release, but there’s still more work to do," says Google. "In the future we hope to provide even more functionality to apps, such as user status (presence) and info on new subscriptions."

More information about the API and SDKs can be found in this post. There are links to documentation and release notes available there.

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  • Michael

    Very cool feature.

  • Guest

    Its really a gr8 API for all.

  • Mark Y.


    I love your article Chris, thank you so much. Good job


  • Steve

    I love the possibilities, because they are endless.

  • myFri3nd


  • Glyn Jackson

    Hi ,

    Google has been providing XMPP with Google talk for ages i remember a ColdFusion application a while back using the XMPP IM Gateway Google Talk can someone explain if I am missing something here.


  • Home Solar Power Systems

    its really cool API.

    Glyn Jackson, ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise Edition ships with several gateway types, including XMPP, the protocol that powers Jabber.Google Talk or iChat, both of which support Jabber Instant Messaging. By configuring a gateway instance, you can tell ColdFusion to recognize and respond to chats with an arbritrary gmail address, for example You can also use the gateway to push messages out to people who are listed as buddies.

  • Webmaster

    Like the google chat feature will web developers actually implement it or will it just be a new toy to play with. I agree that any API is great as it allows much more control and potential but if no-one is going to use it…

    It appears that other IM solutions such as will be able to benefit as they are also based on the XMPP-based network.